Before getting my job at UNATION, I made this video to show off some of my "skills" and then I could get hired full-time. I worked 18 hour days for about 2 weeks, and at one point, didn't sleep for like 41 hours. The video changed every minute of every day so there was a lot of revising and re-editing. I remember sitting up working on a 12 second stretch of the video for about 5 hours, just trying to get the timing perfect. I've learned a lot since then, so this video would probably not take as much time as it did.

I chose to use Tianna Madison, because she was my boss' wife , but she also had a great story with excellent content to fill the video with. She has given her seal of approval behind the scenes, and now that she is an olympic gold medalist and world record holder, with Sochi 2016 set in her sights (as a bobsledder), I feel honored to have been able to make a video about her and the UNATION platform. As you can see, the UNATION platform was a little outdated when I made this video.

Song: Right Here, Right Now
Artist: Fatboy Slim

I do not own any rights to ESPN, U.S. Track and Field, or Fatboy Slim's song "Right Here, Right Now".
All rights go to their respective owners.

The aerial zoom is courtesy of an Andrew Cramer tutorial over @

This video was not used or distributed commercially.

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