My name is Zac Griffith and this is a film about my Utah backcountry mule deer hunt. My best bud, my 57-year-old dad and I venture into familiar surroundings. This backcountry haven is in an OTC unit and has produced some awesome deer. My tag was filled in August so it's me behind the camera and my buddy with a rifle in hand. There is nothing like hunting down on high country mule deer!


[Artist]: Van Halen --
[Song]: Runnin' With the Devil --
[Album]: Van Halen --
[Year]: 1978

[Artist]: Ozzy Osbourne --
[Song]: No More Tears --
[Album]: The Essential Ozzy Osbourne --
[Year]: 2003

[Artist]: GZA the Genius --
[Song]: Stringplay (Like This, Like That) --
[Album]: Beneath the Surface --
[Year]: 1999

[Artist]: Led Zeppelin --
[Song]: Rock and Roll --
[Album]: Mothership--
[Year]: 2007

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