This is more than a campaign, it's a global movement. 80% of women in the United States
are unhappy with the way they look. We're not going to let that continue. It's a global epidemic, and
elevating the feminine is the cure. The Redefining Sexy campaign will help women, ALL women,
believe in their beauty. It's vital for the survival of women.

About Diana Cornelia Schlobohm

Diana Cornelia Schlobohm is part of a community she never wanted to be a part of.

Diana was born in Summit, NJ on May 6th, 1966. She's been married for over 22 years to her husband Dr. Mark Schlobohm,
a chiropractor. Together they have two boys, Cord and Christian, and Diana is a stay-at-home mom and a Pilates instructor.

In November 2011, just before Thanksgiving, Diana tested positive for Stage 1 HER-2 NEU positive breast cancer.
On Christmas Eve morning 2011, she underwent a Bilateral Mastectomy with reconstructive surgery. Diana has been
through six rounds of chemotherapy -- Herceptin, Taxotere, and Carboplatin.
She will continue receiving Herceptin at three-week intervals until February 2012.

Diana has had multiple reconstructive surgeries throughout her treatment; her final surgery is scheduled this November.
Diana has experienced a loss of self and sexuality, and her illness has adversely affected the people she loves.

Diana was chosen by S Factor Founder and CEO Sheila Kelley, to tell her story in the Redefining Sexy: Believe
in Your Beauty video campaign. Diana has been a student at Sheila Kelley S Factor New York since March 2007.

"I decided to do the Redefining Sexy video because I felt like my body had betrayed me. I didn’t willingly enter
into having this disease. I felt unable to connect with my curve, femininity and sexuality as they were taken
from me along with my hair and breasts, which were literally removed from my body. Dancing gave me the
permission to fully embody my feelings about being diagnosed with breast cancer. Moving helped me connect to
my true essence and not the disease. My true essence is strength and beauty and femininity and that is what
makes me sexy. I was filmed dancing 6 days after surgery. When I watch the video with my husband, we are
in awe that I was able to move that way." - Diana Schlobohm, Breast Cancer Warrior

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