Stainless pipe, Acrylic, Custom designed controller board, PC, Touch monitor.
300(W)x300(H)x300(D)cm /

Leaf(2012) is an interactive installation designed in mind of the physicality of the old way of communication and a life in which one longs for a sense that is space-oriented. The development of communication technology has made it very convenient to overcome the limitation of time and space. With mobile phones, we can now simply send messages to each other. Such a way of communication is a conquest over the materialitiy and the space-oriented characteristic of ordinary communication media such as letters, post boxes and bulletin boards - ordinary objects in a decades ago. Meanwhile it is also responsible for producing the quantity of light, meaningless and immaterial messages by detrimenting the "quality of communication" or the tactility of media and emotions therewith.

Such a sense of missing was a starting point of this work. In the installation, a space is formed around a tree and a printer at the end of each branch drops out messages left by audiences. One can sprout message by writing it or feel a delicate sense of communication by picking up one of the messages by others. In this way Leaf: Autumn 2012 would like not only to generate interaction between the work and its audiences but to provide an experience of rapport among them.

* HYBE _ Art Director - ChangMin HAN / Technical Advisor - SunWoong RYU
* OSF (Subsidiary Team of HYBE) _ Artist - Yeongho KIM, JaeWoong HWANG, Wan SUH

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