European garden spider (araneus diadematus) weaving its web.
Epeire diadème (araneus diadematus) tissant sa toile.

Paris - grandes carrières - 2012-10-19

The opportunity was given to me to witness the building of the web, and I filmed it at 30fps with my phone, set on AF lock, no more.
Sadly a neighbour passing by found interesting to tell me "oooohhhhh you're filming the spider?", then tried to wave at the creature to check if it would notice, making it real hard for me to avoid her in the visual field, given that I already had to compensate for the constant movements of the web with the wind without touching it. And then of course, said neighbour broke one of the main threads of the web, killing the whole thing. And immediately saying "it wasn't me, it wasn't me"... hem, hem. I removed the sound of the whole conversation and replaced it with some previous ambiant sound, needless to say.

All this little drama set aside, this video was a good opportunity for me to practice motion tracking and motion cliping/clamping... but despite of its poor video quality, it is a fascinating thing to witness the wonderful work of the spider.

8' - to the music of Franz Schubert's "waterfall" impromptu (nº4, in A-flat major).

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