A young woman babysits a little boy for the first time and doesn't pick up on his odd behavior throughout the night.

Done in 3 weeks for the Cabin in the Woods Horror spoof competition.

Some Fun Trivia/Movie Connections:
-Casey is a play on the final girl trope. The fact that she is adopted and a babysitter reference Laurie in Halloween (1978). She is named after Drew Barrymore in Scream (1996). Her outfit and hair are reminiscent of Sidney's in Scream.
-The babysitting scenario references When a Stranger Calls (1979) and the positioning of the couch somewhat reflects the couch setup in that film.
-Kevin is like a young Michael Myers (Halloween (1979)), he even resembles him somewhat. His name is an homage to the mysterious "Kevin" listed on the whiteboard in Cabin In the Woods (2011). Being adopted is a reference to most specifically The Omen (1976) but also The Ring (2002) & Orphan (2009).
-Brody is the typical boyfriend who shows up for sex & dies. But rather than the dick, jock type of the 80's, he's the 70's bad boy musician, but modernized into a hipster spoof.
-The title is a spoof of all the horror titles with House in them, most specifically the recent House At The End Of The Street.
-The opening title is a nod at the title opening in Cabin in the Woods.
-The score is meant to be reminiscent of Halloween
-The refrigerator door has alphabet magnets that spell out "Redrum" like in The Shining (1980).
-When Kevin says he likes to play games, this is a reference to Ils (2006) and Saw (2004).
-The shot of Casey in the doorway of Kevin's bedroom with the framed moth on the wall next to her is a direct homage to The Silence of the Lambs (1991), in both the use of the actual iconic moth as well as the shot construction.
-There is a hockey mask sitting atop Kevin's desk (Friday the 13th (1980)).
-There is a framed photo of Jeffery Dahmer sitting on Kevin's desk, possibly meant to be interpreted as a photo of his real father. But for anyone who recognizes Dahmer, then the joke is that it's Kevin's idol.
-The rubik's cube is a very subtle reference to Hellraiser (1987).
-There is a shirt hanging in Kevin's closet that is a reference to the Freddy Krueger sweater(A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)).
-The photos on the wall imply that Kevin killed the family cat. There is a cat collar sitting atop Kevin's desk. The cat is named Church, after the cat in Pet Sematary (1989). Pet Sematary is also the very first horror film Director Christina Raia ever saw when she was 5 years old.
-Casey looking at the photos, revealing a common trait in Kevin, is an homage to The Sixth Sense (1999)
-Kevin is finger painting with Brody's blood.
-The dolly-in at Kevin painting on the floor is an homage to The Others (2001).
-The knife Kevin picks up resembles Michael Myers' knife in Halloween.
-The POV shot of Kevin walking toward Casey with the rolling pin is an homage to the POV's in the beginning of Halloween, as well as, then an often repeated pattern, in Friday the 13th & other films like Sleepaway Camp (1983).
-Director Christina Raia set up shots to often reveal Kevin between things or people. In the first scene, he's standing between his parents. He's later revealed standing between Casey & Brody after they kiss. He's between his parents in the second photo, in the middle of a swing in the first, and between his parents & the cat in the fourth. The shot in the kitchen is through the fridge as Brody opens it, revealing Kevin in the background between Brody's body & the fridge door. The final shot of him is between his two arching bedroom walls as he looks out the window at Casey.

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