Workshop Exercise
Zine/Super 8 Hybrid
Instructor: Florian Cramer
Echo Park Film Center
Classroom Exercise
Not for commercial use/distribution

Of course, this is the hitec digitized configuration of the awesome super8zine workshop I attended over the weekend. A fun aspect of it was the manipulation of the film itself, like using implements to scratch the film, coloring the frames....the color stuff I love very much. The final part of the workshop involved sharing our work and projecting our Super 8 projects. The whole process was maximum DIY, from brainstorming to filming to processing and presentation. Plain awesomeness.

This configuration I uploaded in Vimeo is very different from what happened in class.
-In the final presentation, there was no soundtrack , instead Page 2 of the physical zine was a written out sheet of the lyrics to Roxy Music's In Every Dream Home a Heartache
-This configuration only has excerpts of the full 3 (+/-) minutes of my Super * project PAPOO. EPFC staff will digitize our Super8 projects and give it back to us. The footage in this video is 2nd hand from my camera which I shot while it was being projected in class.
-There is a physical zine to look at and read

The second to the last still has super small text, which is why having the physical zine in front of you is what makes it ultimately work.

This is what it says:
Papoo on top of a shopping cart with his original owner, a homeless, schizophrenic young man
Papoo was rescued from a situation of neglect and abuse in 2010.

He was nervous and would bite. If he were to have ended in the shelter he would have been deemed unadoptable and put down.

ADDITION (the beauty of the editing process):
* Papoo also had a medical condition that needed to be taken care of with a complicated surgical procedure. The cost was in excess of $4K raised by his rescuer, Laura Valdivia through the good samaritan rescue community (word of mouth and social media networks like Facebook) + one humane purposes related grant she applied for.

Soundtrack - In Every Dream A Heartache by Roxy Music



Super 8 film and zines (or fanzines - little xeroxed or self-printed,
small edition magazines) are _the_ classical underground and DIY
media. They have experienced a renaissance recently. They are raw, not
slick. They have grain, kinks and dirt, you can touch, feel and smell
them, rip them apart and put them together again. Making them can be
something very physical and personal. And no Facebook or Google
controls the ways you spread them.

Super 8 and zines have many things in common. Often, they have been
made by the same kind of people, punks, activists, skaters for
example. But it seems as if nobody has merged the two yet. This is
exactly what you will do in this workshop: we will try to make zines
using Super 8 film, or Super 8 films that are zines, in every
imaginable way - the way you like and invent.

We'll start with an exploration of zine making culture, and then
quickly move on to our own hands-on experiments & Super 8 zines.

Instructor: Florian Cramer

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