The National Socialist Movement is the countries largest National Socialist group, spanning across the nation with various regional commands. As a militarily structured organization, unlike the Ku Klux Klan who is primarily a religious organization, their adherents are categorized in ranks- SS Lieutenant, Stormtrooper, all the way up to the Commander. Donning traditional uniforms uncannily similar to original SS uniforms (a lot of them are), the NSM gets together on a yearly basis at a National Convention, held in a different state each year, to discuss the past years events and plans for the future.

Over the course of the past decade or so, groups like the NSM have seen an increase in numbers across the country, and gaining more popularity within politics and a higher frequency of running for office. The rise of extreme conservatism in the United States has shifted the general political spectrum to the far right- where the Left is barely the middle, the middle is right leaning, and far right conservatism is almost off the charts. Ethnocentrism has dominated our policies for more than a decade, and opinions have changed wildly.

Early in the year Arizona's SB1070 was introduced, allowing police officers to stop and demand citizenship papers from those who they deem looks as though they might be in the state illegally.

Alongside organizing rallies and protests, the NSM has a border guard unit, that operates alongside the Arizona-Mexico border. Although the "United States Border Guard" operates independently from the official United States Border Patrol, the NSM operates without hassle from the local police, patrolling the stretch of desert.

This chapter serves as an introduction into the NSM, its ideology, and how it subtly surrounds contemporary trends.

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