Mingle 2.0 is a final project for the course Physical interaction design and realization taught in Kungliga Tekniska högskolan. It tries to overhaul the classic concept of mingle using technology available to improve it. First of all, a mingle is an informal (usually with drinks) meeting of people with the purpose to know new people as well as making new contacts either professional or of other kinds. In these basis, we wanted to help people stablish conversations with new people.


Using the glass we have developed. This glass has a light that shows information to help the mingler. This information is based upon 3 steps:

1) ice breaking phase: mingler is walking around and the glass gives information about the connections he or she has with the poeple around him/her. The information is shown with the color: the red it is your glass the less you have in common with people around you and green is used for high connections. This information can depend based on the purpose of the mingle. It could either use information from linkedin if it's a professional one or from facebook and other social networks if it has another purpose. To get this information, the mingler previously registers to our webpage where his personal information is specified (links to social networks, etc.).

2) shared information phase: by cheering up the glass with another mingler you can have extra information about your particular connection with that person. This information is given by blinks: the faster it blinks the more you have in common and the other way around.

3) connecting phase: after cheering the glasses and staying close, they start to interact together to give an extra feeling of connection between the people in the group. This interaction consists in the change of colors of the glasses: first one changes to one color and gradually and one by one all the other glasses of the group change to that color until the first one is reached again. Then it changes its color and the same procedure is repeated. The colors shown in this step range between green to blue. This is to avoid and differenciate it from the first step.

obs: it can be a good experience knowing people that you don't have any connection with. This can open new unexpected connections.

Technical description:

Using sunspot's radio signal strength we can measure distance between devices and use that information to update the behaviour of sunspots in each glass. The initial approach used a server to receive all the information of the sunspots but when it was demonstrated the sunspot that was used as a proxy to have internet connection stop working after a while. For this implementation built-in information in the sunspots was used so the evaluation of the connections is precomputed in the sunspots to avoid the internet connection.


Daniel Nyberg
Sandra Hindskog
Sara Sandgärde
Víctor Guerrero


"Party all the time" by Eddie Murphy and Rick James

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