The Outdoor Journal is the world’s first global active lifestyle and adventure magazine, launching with a focus on India. Our mission is to provide readers, without compromise, the highest quality multimedia content from the world of adventure sports, fitness, outdoor pursuits, nature and wilderness.

Our stories are meant to be inspirational and instructional for the doer, and aspirational for the armchair athlete. Our stories are written and shot by journalists with a passion for the outdoors.

The outdoors, adventure and new media transcend boundaries of nation, race, culture and language, yet existing publications around the world have traditionally limited their content by geographic and national interests.

We have no such borders, apart from requiring that our submissions be in English. Today, the world is our playground. You could be snowboarding in the French Alps, surfing in India, paragliding in Nepal, trekking in Peru, climbing trad in the US or running triathlons in South Africa. It doesn’t matter where you come from. What matters is what you do and where you go. We cover it all.

Video Credits: with Gael Couturier, Gurpreet Dhindsa, Jyoti Thakur, Lorenzo Fornari, Przemek Bucharowski, Mhkitar Mkhitaryan, Tine Mena, Himraj Soin and Apoorva Prasad.

The Outdoor Journal™ is published by theCorde Media, a unit of Deiwos Creative Movement Private Limited. All rights reserved, 2012. Edited by Himraj Soin.

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