Installation in 2 parts:
4 interactive writings GNADE in urban space and media 'altar of mercy' in a representative space.
City of Mannheim / Castle Schwetzingen. Mozartsommer Festival by National Theater Mannheim.

4 Videos "Gnade" in urban space, 2 audio-video-loops with scenes of mercy (Mozart) 11:20, LED-writing with a text by W.Benjamin, kneeler with monitor (8 reports on suicide in the global world of finance), sun of mercy.

With his project GNADE | MERCY the sound and media artist Georg Klein brings this old-fashion term in a modern environment. He let this word appear in public space in big golden letters, gaining an actual and provocating diagnosis: it looks like we have left a society where the subject is addicted to favor and mercy of the sovereign. But since some years new "financial" aristocrats grew up, renewing the old structures of grace. The disposers of capital are granting credit and financial support - or may be not - and are dictating the conditions. Whether as an unemployed asking for welfare, as an small credit receiver at a bank, or as a big insolvent company or even insolvent nations - favor and mercy are playing an important role.

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