Take a time out now and then. It's good for you and will bring you back to a more relaxed state wherein everything goes better. Simply take a moment and feel your feet relax in to the ground below.. As you do this feel the earth support you. By placing your focus on your feet you're also getting out of your head. Hard to do in this day and age , I know, but the more you practice this simple exercise the easier it gets and the more you benefit.
Another time during the day take three long slow breaths putting all you attention on the physical sensation of breathing. In time gains will be felt in greater clarity and relaxation. From competing at the highest level in sports to just living life, learning to come back to a more connected and relaxed state will increase performance and a sense of ease.
The Way of the Life Athlete is about a practice which at it's heart is about increasing performance in your body and your life in a most relaxed, efficient, consistant and authentic manner possible.

There's a LIfe Athlete in All of Us

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