Forest elephants

“Forest elephants roam the rainforests of Central Africa

nearly invisible to us except when they visit clearings in the forest.

Self aware, empathetic, and highly social

mothers gather their families together with
profoundly deep rumbles

that travel far through the forest.

Forest elephants are architects of the forest

creating paths used by other animals

dispersing seeds

even creating clearings like this one

clearings where humans come to hunt them.

These giants are a key to majestic forests

and all the diversity and wonder they hold

but logging and ivory poaching could take it all away in our lifetime.”


Never buy ivory. Always choose FSC-certified paper products and furniture. Avoid conflict minerals extracted from the forest elephant’s habitat in the Congo. Support groups such as the Cornell Lab’s Elephant Listening project. For more information visit

© What is Missing? Foundation
Audio: Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Video: Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Source: Peter H. Wrege

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