Indonesia is a country that prone to natural disasters. In 2004, Indonesia stroke by the giant wave, Tsunami. According to the U.S. Geological Survey reaches 283,100 dead, 14,000 missing, and 1,126,900 people homeless. According to the UN, 229,826 victims missing and 186,983 people were killed. This made the Indian Ocean Tsunami to be the worst earthquake and tsunami in the last 10 years.

Arise from the problem faced by Indonesia, we, medical students; try to generate some ideas to raise people awareness of Tsunami. We made a short movie to help people recognize the signs of tsunami. By knowing the signs, we hope, people will understand what they are supposed to prepare before Tsunami happens

By, Anggadha S., Dea N., Yurike M., Amanda A.
-A(DAY) film
(Video Competition: 1st runner up AMSA Indonesia for EAMSC Japan 2013)

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