October 9, 2012 ~ Brookings Institution (Washington DC)

When we talk about debt reduction and fiscal policy, numbers often dominate the discussion. But they don't tell the whole story. How do we step outside the competing numbers that frame our economic debates, and consider together the human and moral realities behind them? How can we make a personal connection to fiscal policy that shapes our lives? How do we restore civility to the debt discussion?

Live from the Brookings Institution in Washington DC, Krista Tippett lead a conversation with Senator Pete Domenici, a former six-term Republican from New Mexico and chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, and Alice Rivlin, director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Clinton and the first director of the Congressional Budget Office.

They are political bridge people who bring differing approaches and shared love of country to generations of economic policy. In this tense political moment, they offer straight talk and wise perspective.

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