Hi all 34R friends, here is video from our first big trip - 34R Summer tour 2012. 16 people, 3 cars, 2 events, 13 days. During our trip 2 big famous people joined us - MC bmx god Catfish and the biggest ballwasher of the world - funny Big Daddy. Hope you will enjoy it! If you like this video please share it and recommend it to all your friends!

34R crew

Nass festival
Bristol jam session
Crucial distribution Uk - 34R
Herten Germany
Wicked woods Germany
Gs distribution Germany - 34R
Bmx Worlds Cologne Germany

34R SUMMER TRIP CREW (Ballwashers):
Ondra Šléz, Danny Josa, Fat Tony, Catfish, Big Daddy, Stefan Pauli, Vilibald Vitek, Zdenda Pešek, Kamil Feifer, Pavel Hyvnar, Lukáš Bárta, Michal Teichman, Mikoláš Kafuněk, Jarda Jörka, Pázli, David Lorenz

VIDEO & EDIT: David Lorenz


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