China, what can be said about it's manufacturing that hasn't been said
before? People will either be pro or anti depending on their mindset. It's
the nature of the beast especially when it comes to the United States. We
were an industrial nation, it was part of our backbone, and is part of our
history. So the economy went global, so companies realized to keep costs
down and profits up they had to do something, so a lot of consumers don't
care? We're capitalists if you don't like it fucking vote with your money,
there's still plenty of American made snowboards here. Bindings well that's
a completely different story, as are outerwear, goggles, boots, and a whole
other laundry list.

I'm sure people won't be pleased with what I said, hell I'm probably not
going to be pleased when I re-watch this after Ed posts it. But you know
what it's a fucking opinion and that's that. Also there might be some
misstated facts, I had just literally rolled out of bed and did this thing.
It happens I'm human maybe you should weigh in on the topic if you have a

All in all it's the times we live in and you know what it is what it is.
I've ridden hundreds if not thousands of snowboards and there's a lot of
good ones from a lot of different factories, there's also crap. Quality
control isn't region specific.

Look at that photo there's boards from Never Summer (USA), Rome (Tiawan),
Nitro (Playmaker), Echelon (Matrix), Arbor (Elan), No Way! (Tahoe), etc.
etc. Lots of good decks in there and a few duds.

So if you're still reading this maybe I should put a cake recipe in here,
or just translate Shakespeare as read to me by Ed. Fuck it why do I even
write these paragraphs you're already about a minute into the video
listening to be ramble on and not giving a shit. I think in the two years
I've done Buoloco interviews with Ed that maybe 5 people have actually read
this. Props to you, for everyone else ... well you're not reading this so
who cares about you I guess.

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