This is an HD re-shoot of a project that I originally shot back in '05. The project had made the rounds back then as a family oriented drama show, but the networks didn't seem to get that and wanted it as a process oriented build out show. It was pitched until '09 when it was offered a pilot by HGTV until they tried to turn it into something it wasn't then we backed out before going into production.

This re-shoot was sparked by interest early this year from a couple of agents in NY. The project was pitched heavily at Real Screen West this year, and again received excellent feedback and strong interest, but we could never get a deal.

This project was shot primarily by my friend Gregg Therieau and his awesome reality crew in Atlanta GA. I designed the shots for the open and directed them, and all of the interviews. I did sling a camera on some of this but it's mostly Gregg and his amazing team who had taken a couple of days off from shooting "Property Virgins" to help shoot this sizzle.

The cameras were all HDX 900's going to FS100 drives. The open was shot primarily with an HDX 900 on steady cam at 720p/60. Interesting that even on this high end 2/3 inch camera, there was no 1080p/60 option.

If you've seen my other sizzles, yes, I realize I've used the little "greasy wheels" jingle from garage band in this sizzle open as well as the one for Sheriff of Ghost Town. It works well for a 20 second open and for the characters. Since it was on sizzles that were going in most cases to separate networks, I didn't really view it as a liability although I'll likely never use it again...

I wrote the opening voice over using voice notes on my iPhone while perched on a 30 foot lift shooting a time lapse that we never used :-)

I directed/edited and came up with the concept.

CJ Adams from Simplexity Digital Post did the color grade. Rich Woodall, our amazing art director and effects artist created the graphics and lower thirds.

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