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When I first saw Andrew at Round 2 in Ohio, I laughed. I thought, "Man, his car looks exactly like mine!" I was a little mad, possibly jealous? Thought now I have to repaint it ! XO
We first talked at Round 3 at some VIP after party thrown by DRIFT INDY in Indianapolis. He was most definitely just another homie trying to kick back and let them good times roll. Few cranberry vodkas can tell you a lot about a man! HAha.
(Just messing with you Andrew! Even though I think that was the drinks we had!)
I really got to know him when we started chatting about making this video, then I found out more about Smiley Customs, once he hooked me up with an s14 body harness for my car. SMILEYS is a small town spot for the homies to gather and random projects to flip through. R33's and v8's.... Thought I would never even think of that one! hahaha... I could imagine your guys's faces when that one popped up!

"Dude, my r33 just went to shit..." Owner of the car says.

"Dude, I got a spare LS1 block," Andrew pauses awkwardly, " What if..."
"...." Owner of the car looks like a deer in front of head lights.

Mom opens the door, "Dinners served!"

If you want to say whats up to, Andrew, go to :

Andrew Lewis

Thanks to:
Midwest Drift Union 2012

Drift INDY

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