Proof-of-concept of trying to synchronise a NES running my own music software to other external hardware/software.

In the video I'm sending 'triggers' in the form of MIDI notes out of Ableton Live to my modular synth where they get converted into 5V gates. These gates are fed to a connection on the NES's expansion port and my NES software (in this case my new drum synth 'cajoNES') listens to the incoming pulses and advances the step sequencer on each pulse.

To demonstrate the sync, I have a simple 16th FM-ish percussion sound coming out of the modular and also a little drum pattern on my Monomachine. As you can see/hear, I can modify the master tempo in Live and everything stays in sync.

Early days but the (NES) code is relatively simple so I'm going to look at grafting this sync method into my other softwares, Pulsar and PR8 (

Apologies for the rather poor video - its not easy trying to film with an iPhone in one hand and a NES controller in the other!

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