This is my fourth Ammunition Conference. Each video has been a great experience and honestly my favorite thing to work on every year. The hard part is of course doing something different than the year before. This video was actually shot two days after Ammo Conference 2012, I saw a concept logo for Ammo2013 and immediately knew what I wanted to do.

We went and filmed the video at Knights Ferry in Oakdale California. Our jumper, Aaron, was great to work with, He had to jump off a rock onto a rocky slope ( we did not have a mat for him to land on) about 5-6feet below about eight times.

I found a rock that was tall enough that would allow me to film at a certain angle without showing too much geography for the "big jump". Then we hiked about a mile or so down the river where I got the plate shot of the big cliff and river. Just using simple after effects I masked Aaron out of one shot, scaled him back, placed him properly and added some lens blur to get the final shot of the jump. If you look closely you may see some errors in the composite, but I'm pretty happy with the way it came out.

I did a re-edit/ re-color and redesign for this new trailer.

Ammunition has been a big part of my life not only as a filmmaker but as a believer as well. I want to personally encourage you to catch one of these conferences, either in Sacramento, or Los Angeles.

7D 28MM 1.8 With a wide Angle Adapter

Edited/ Colored in After Effects using Twixtor

Concept/ Cinematographer/ Director/ Editor: Jonathan Rios
Additional Edits: Anthony Goodwin
Graphics and logos: Designed by Sarah Agbayani
Audio Bed by: Josh Ohare
Producer: Sean Loche Jeremy Johnson

For more information on the conference

For more information on the Church behind the conference

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