Euclid Network has been running an international and national social innovation competition: Naples 2.0. It called on social innovators from around the world to present innovative ideas to solve persistent social challenges which both state and market were unable to address. The challenges were based on unused social assets, unsustainable business models for civil society organisations and the search for new methodologies. Successful solutions needed to be sustainable, innovative and feasible to be implemented. We have received over 200 applications from more than 30 countries around the world. At the award ceremony 21-23rd September 2011 the international jury selected 7 winners, each awarded with 7,500.00 - 10,000.00 Euro prize money acting as seed funding to turn their idea into a solid business plan, ready for implementation.

The goals of the competition were threefold:
1. Awareness: To turn Naples from symbol of both State’s and Market’s failure into symbol of social innovation’s success

2. Politics: To make Naples a model for implementing social innovation agenda in other regions and countries, within the EU and beyond, especially in Central Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean (regions displaying a similar set of challenges)

3. To develop a culture of civil engagement, social innovation and social entrepreneurship, through working in partnership across borders and boundaries with new technologies

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