It took about 16 minutes to shoot this, and about 8 hours to process.

I might add it to some other time lapse some time and add music to it.

Software used to make it:
Total Commander (to rename sequentially)
Lightroom (to rectify exposure)
Noiseware (to remove the noise)
Faststone (To re-size down to HD)
Photoshop (to render the video)

First I wanted to rename the images sequentially. The original photos ran over the 9999 to 0001 mark. As I use Total Commander for my every-day file handling, I really know how to use it well. It has a beautiful file rename tool that lets you do all sorts of funky stuff.

Secondly, I needed to fix the exposure, all the photos were taken at -2EV, which just looked terrible, I also wanted to boost the vibrance (a nice little Lightroom feature) and there was also a dust spot on all the images (Aaargh!), so I used the dust spot removal tool.

Then, there was a LOT of noise in all of the shots and I use a tool called Noiseware, made by Imagenomic that does a fantastic job of removing noise (and overall file size along with it) while retaining an amazing amount of detail.

Then all the shots were still 4752x3168px. So I reduced them to Full HD (1920x1080px). However, most applications retain the aspect ratio, even if you tell them not to, But, the software that I use on my PC to look at images is called Faststone image Viewer. It is very snappy and allows me to open the current image in Photoshop very easily. Anyway, Faststone, has a re-size tool that can batch re-size to any size you want (even if it breaks the aspect ratio - which I did).

The batch to which I had to apply all these changes was 948 exposures. I let each run in the background, and while I could feel it sometimes slowing down my PC, I could still do work.

The original file size was 4.6Gb, and the end result was 94.2Mb.

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