After two months of being secluded in bed due to a deep depression I made this cleaning piece as a way of getting out and because of the wish of going with the flow of life again.

At first this performance was a big “FUCK YOU” to some people I thought they loved me, both in my work and in my own family, and that leaded by some kind strange feeling of perfection, that I will never understand, started to reject me and attacked me treating me as shit.

The meaning of "rape" is used as in the original root Latin word "rapare" which means taking off something as if by force.
This was my way to "rapare" all the sadness and hate inside of me. Though as you can imagine during the whole period in which I was dying in hell I felt kind of raped by these people too.

This video has been recorded and edited by Jordi Fonollà (Fono) and it was screened at the CCCB in Barcelona as part of the installation made by Melissa Artajo and Jordi Fonollà during the BAC Festival 2004

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