Mangrove forests are among the richest bio-systems on earth

and the most threatened.

A vital buffer between land and sea in the tropics and semi-tropics

mangroves are a living shelter

for fish and shellfish, crocodiles, iguanas, Bengal tigers, otters, manatees, herons, eagles

and countless other species.

The large–scale conversion of these areas for
aquaculture and development

is the primary cause of mangrove deforestation.

The rate of loss is significantly higher than for all other forest types.

More than 20% of the world’s mangrove forests have been destroyed

and “the loss of mangroves continues at an alarming rate.”


Because most shrimp farms are located on cleared mangrove forests, avoid eating shrimp unless it is MSC-certified and comes from a sustainably managed farm. Help prevent destruction of mangroves by supporting partner organizations.
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Audio: Cornell Lab of Orinthology
Video: Sea Studios Foundation
Source: FAO

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