Cortometraje del ¿2000?

"Unos jóvenes buscan el amor desesperadamente."

Plano secuencia (oner / long take) VHS. Era una práctica de escuela y como me daba palo pues nos curramos esta coreografía unos amiguitos y yo.

Sobre la remasterización del sonido:

If the image restoration wasn't enough, home theater aficionados will fawn over the ridiculously sublime lossless audio track. The original sound composer Shoji Yamashiro has crafted the remastered audio, in a process dubbed the 'hypersonic effect'. From the original master tape, he's remixed an amazing 192KHz audio track (a standard Blu-ray audio track is 48 KHz), which has a clarity and purity of sound that is quite unlike anything that I have ever heard. Right from the opening drums, you know that something special is occurring. The result is a sound that whilst is very loud, is not abrasive and certainly not distorted. There's a massive amount of data in this Dolby TrueHD track, it hovers around 14 MB/s and whilst I was watching, peaked at 16.9 MB/s. That said, whilst my amplifier is capable of playing back audio at 192 KHz, my speakers, lacking a super tweeter cannot. So despite my happiness with this track, I know I am still not receiving the full effect.

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