Forests are clear–cut and undergrowth removed

Explosives are used to reduce to rubble

over 500 feet from the tops of mountains.

The rubble is scooped up and dumped into nearby valleys

and sludge ponds are created to hold in the waste coal sludge.

This practice poisons waterways downstream

destroys wildlife habitat

increases run-off, erosion and flooding

and erases entire communities.

The EPA estimates that by 2005

mountaintop removal had buried and contaminated

more than 1200 miles of streams in Appalachia

and by 2013

a forested area the size of Delaware

will have been destroyed.

Switch to alternative energy sources suchas solar or wind. Petition local and state representatives to stop mountaintop destruction.
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Audio: What is Missing? Foundation
Video: Pond5
Source: Mitchell, National Geographic & Sierra Club

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