This video is one out the 5 TVC’s we created for Cadbury’s MORO hilarious campaign!

We collaborated with Passion RAW and Strange Beast, for the creation of Cadbury’s MORO campaign. We designed and animated the fantasy world and creatures of Cadbury MORO’s awesome hero“Mr Awesome”, who inhabits a lo-fi cult, retro-futuristic universe.

Mr Awesome is a “ridiculously charismatic hero” who fights his archenemies Lazy Eyed-Lazer Bear, Giant Eagle and Pegasus (not a Unicorn) with “awesome” karate and mind control. Oh, and lets not forget how he obliterated Dolphin the most awesomely intelligent of all animals.

Check out more campaign videos here:
Dolphin: vimeo.com/52174509
Eagle: vimeo.com/52174508

Client: Cadbury Moro
Production Company: Passion RAW & Strange Beast
Executive Producer: Dan Scott-Croxford
Producer: Juliette Stern
Agency: Passion RAW

Design / Animation / Post Production: NOMINT
Animation Direction: NOMINT
Design: NOMINT
Project Manager: Marilena Vatseri
Animation-Compositing: Nicholas Canticus, Marilena Vatseri, Anita Corcoran

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