In 2001 Kevin Jones approached me with the opportunity to ride for Jeenyus
Snowboards which was a stepchild to Forum. I soon joined Peter Line on
Foursquare, we all began riding, competing, filming, and traveling the world. In
2004 Burton bought Forum and they quickly diminished Jeenyus and pushed the team
over to Forum. I was really sad to see Jeenyus go, but to be part of the Forum
team was a dream come true, so it was kind of bitter-sweet. Being on Forum was
such a great experience. One of the best times of my life for sure. Filming with
that crew is insane. Video Gangs, THAT, Forum or Against Em, Forum Forever, these
were some of the best projects to be a part of… We went through so many good
times; landing tricks, partying, traveling.. and a bunch of bad times; getting
injured, surgeries, seeing friends get dropped. I can honestly say those guys are
like my brothers. For most of 9 years we were on a plane, train, snowmobile or in
a hotel room together. It was the best. We became close to all the in-house
people as well. These are the great people behind the scenes, TM's, designers,
marketing people, etc… A few days ago I found out that Burton decided to
"deminish" Forum, Foursquare, and Blend. It was a pretty big surprise. It's just
a bummer to see such a staple 'core' brand disappear. People are not sure what to
think. I just think it would be cool to see the rights, licensing, etc.. go back
to Peter and do with it what he chooses, maybe just keep it a small fun brand or
something. anyways… if you feel the same you can go to
and sign a petition. Not really sure what it will do. But I know that it will
say that we all support Forum and the brands Peter help establish. Regardless,
Forum will always be remembered for being one of the best companies ever; from the
people who love riding the gear and watching the videos, to the people who
designed it, and to the guys on the team over the years. Love you guys. RIP

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