STATEN ISLAND — Operations were haulted at a controversial excavation project Monday morning when a grad student had what some are calling an “outburst” on site. Richard Kreeper, a 24 year old archaeology student from Stansbury University and the head of operations on the dig allegedly attacked a colleague after the two had a disagreement over protocol. Kreeper, who set the project in motion 5 years ago, is known for his unconventional research style and
has garnered a reputation for being intensely committed to his plan.
Chaos ensued when a colleague attempted to alter the crew’s plan. A witness described Kreeper’s behavior as “terrifying but not out of the ordinary.” The witness went on to say, “Kreeper has these outbursts a lot. If you question his theory he will most assuredly get in your face. This time he went too far.” Another female grad student who has been on Kreeper’s team for three years was not surprised either. “Richard is a passionate individual. I kind of like when he does stuff like this because you know he’s harmless and it keeps things exciting.” She went on to say, “But this was the first time we actually felt scared though.”
The program has faced scrutiny for excavating on protected property. After sidestepping certain regulations to commence digging for an unidentified ancient artifact, the group was hit with several violations. Kreeper eventually cooperated with the Council for Environmental Protection and Preservation to secure a license to dig.
This is the second time, however, that operations were suspended as a result of Kreeper’s behavior. A representative from the Stansbury University board responsible for funding the project commented, “This is an unfortunate turn of events for such an exciting project. We are committed to seeing it through to the end, but we can’t afford to have Richard Kreeper working under the Stansbury umbrella any longer. We were hesitant to bring him back after the first incident so this is a deal-breaker. Two strikes and you’re out.”

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