Composed by Paul Ramshaw with abstract video by Olivier Ruellet.
Dedicated to my friend Olivier who died suddenly after a short illness in December 2010 aged 29 years.

This artwork was commissioned by the Faculty of Arts, University of West London, as part of the Creative Campus Initiative leading into the 2010 Olympics in London UK.

World Nation is a generative audiovisual piece that is informed by notions of social and
philosophical deconstruction, where shared meanings of culture, nationality and identity
from representations of flags and anthems are deconstructed into formant parts of coloured shapes and melodic and harmonic phrases.

The building of this ever-evolving sound and visual ‘scape’ of multi-coloured and multi-
voiced elements represents a symbol of a unifying process at work, and acts as a symbol of peace and harmonious relations between peoples and as a vibrant monument to humanity.

The flux of these materials becomes the source of an abstraction that fuses together the original media forms in a way that is at first not immediately recognisable to the audience, because of its ambiguity, but progressively challenges them to use affiliating levels of their experience to make sense and apply their own meaning to the work, recomposing and reconstructing meaning on both an individual and shared basis.

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