Made for the "The Past Re-imagined As The Future" video remix competition where the aim was to mix video from The Prelinger Archives to a song from The Free Music Archive to create new masterpieces for the commons.

This video is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. It contains elements from the following works:

Enthusiast(by Tours) licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License
Pro Scores-Video Copilot

Video(Public Domain)-
All archive video is from the Prelinger Archives-(
Wonderful World(1956)
Tale of Two Cities, A (1946)
Sheree Tiger Dance
[Chevrolet Sales Convention Musical] (1954-55?)
What Makes A Good Party? (1950)
Alcohol Trigger Films for Junior High: The Party, The Mother, The Bride (1979)
Party Magic (Beich Screen Ad--"Whiz" Bar) (ca. 1938)
[Misc. Stock Shots]
Folgers Coffee Commercial #4
Scotties Tissue Commercial
As We Like It (ca. 1952)
Macleans Toothpaste Commercial
Tupperware Commercial #3
Newport Cigarette Commercial #4
Sunbeam Bread Commercial #1
Wonderful New World of Fords, A (1960 Ford Spot) (1960)
Andy's Animal Alphabet (1950)
Highlights 1965: A Progress Report (Part III) (1965)
Conquest of Space, The
Back to Freedom: More War Prisoners Return to America] (ca. 1950s)
[Amateur Film: Girls Dancing] (1960)
Nature's Cameo: Bryce Canyon National Park (ca. 1930s)
World's Fair Night Aerials
Cheerios/V-8 (1960)
Extra (Esso Screen Ad) (ca. 1938)
Kelloggs Variety Pak Commercial

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