One of 40 quicktime movies I created for my installation in the group show "Blind as Text" curated by Bronia Iwanczak, shown at Peloton Gallery Sydney 18 June - 11 July 2009.

The exhibition brings together six artists who work with newspapers as source material. I've collected images of protest from daily newspapers for almost 30 years and create various works in various media using these images. Collectively, these on-going projects are titled 'Orbis Grafo'.

In this new work, the viewers gaze is dragged around each image in a series of 16 one second close-up moves, drawing attention to the choreography of bodies and the costumes of police and protesters.

Each of the 40 quicktime movies is structured with a 2 second view of the clipped image at start and finish. There is a slight frustration created by this giving and taking, while the soundtrack induces a sense of anxiety.

The sound is constructed from recordings I made on the iMac, of paper, scissors and rock - a reference to the two hander game, a metaphor for the perpetual struggle of ideologies. Also a few manipulated sounds from the digital camera eg the siren-like sound.

I photographed the newspaper clippings with my Canon G9 and created the 1920 x 1200 pixel quicktime movies using Final Cut Pro. (A smaller version is uploaded here)

The movies playback in random order on the iMac, using a piece of custom QuartzComposer software developed in collaboration with artist/programmer colleague Robert St Clair. The random playback creates a sense of continual recomposition of the elements - I prefer this to looping the same sequence.

The quicktimes are displayed on a wall-mounted 24" iMac, accompanied by a framed photograph I took of Gallirallus sylvestris - the Lord Howe Island woodhen - an endangered species that evolved on a pacific ocean island where no humans had set foot until the English arrived in the mid-1800s, beginning the birds decline toward oblivion. I went to the island to seek out an encounter with this bird in its natural habitat.

Images and story of the woodhen are here:

Photos of the show opening are here:

The other artists in the show are Bruce Barber, John-Paul Cretney, Bronia Iwanczak, Philipa Veitch and Jan Williamson

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