** check out the website: umbrellagraph.org/activities-of-daily-living/

A filmmaker and a composer wanted to create a narrative that fused the audio and visual components of storytelling. They delivered three shorts based on the concepts surrounding freewill, fear, and desire. Shooting took place in Seattle, WA utilizing a Canon t2i and Canon 50mm f1.8 len
All music written and recorded by Taylor Delph (soundcloud.com/delphoria)

PALMER CHASE: Alex (the boyfriend) [exploretalent.com/palmerchase]
JESSICA GONSER: Cecily (the girlfriend)
QUEEN UNIVERSIAL: Liv (the friend)

written and directed by: Taylor Delph & Matthew Wojciechowski

JULIE ERICSON: Ree (the wife/victim) [exploretalent.com/julieericson1]
MICAH HEFLEN: Michael (the husband) [exploretalent.com/micahheflen]
SCOTT ALAN: Attacker [exploretalent.com/scottalan12]

written by: Taylor Delph & Matthew Wojciechowski
directed by: Terri Wilkerson, Taylor Delph, & Matthew Wojciechowski

LOGAN JOHNSON: Blake (the missionary that moves on)
JON GRANDSTAFF: Cody (the missionary that stays)

written and directed by: Taylor Delph & Matthew Wojciechowski

Special thanks to Jack Dille for the website

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