Alright so first off this is a trailer for Sterek The Movie. The pairing is Stiles and Derek, obviously, so if you don't want to dabble in the whole slash thing I totally understand (not really) but I only ask that you don't leave nasty/rude comments. Thanks.
OK onto the trailer, this little piece of sunshine took me about two days to make and I have to say I REALLY LOVE IT and I thought I would upload it for my fellow Sterek shippers. The trailer is centered around Stiles, he's completely in love with the beautiful Lydia Martin, but after a million+ rejections he finally decides to move on. And then BAM! Cue Derek and his angsty self and you have a completely inexplicable, totally unbelievable and forever hypothetical romance that kicks me in the feels every time I think about it.
First song: Closing Time by Semisonic
Second song: It's Time by Imagine Dragons
p.s. Jeff Davis, this is for you. I love you, you beautiful thing you.

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