Capital Waste have gone all city, getting mixed up with none other than the illustrious Adelaide City Council to capture some image monkeys freshening up Chesser Street. Getting all over the roller doors, walls and road with the story of Captain Chesser; Ankles, Josh Searson, Matt Stuckey, Tristan Kerr and Numskull, as well as the Jakes, One and Two gave the street a painted history of the Captain and his ship the Coromandel. Capital Waste pedalled down to catch a couple of days painting and preening, reeled it together, set it to the rhythmic hobogasms of Dr Piffle and the Burlap Band & popped the “Chesser Street Jam” for your peeping pleasure.

Dr Piffle & The Burlap Band

JakeOne- Tooth & Nail Studios
Josh Searson
Matt Stuckey
Tristan Kerr
Jake Two

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