China is still often misunderstood and frightening to most Westerners. Despite the violence of its development and the cultural divide that separates us, their universal concerns bring them closer to us. As a portrait of modern China through the eyes of people met in the streets, Beijing Strangers let us dive into the lives of different generations and social backgrounds. They share their dreams, fears and beliefs towards themselves and their country.


Directed by Jean-Julien Pous
Interviewers 吕莎 杨祯
Fixer 杨祯
Translation 吕莎 包安那
Camera Assistant 成焕发
Advisor 包安那
Special Thanks to
Mr. Guo / Xun Jian / Li Xian Jun / Mr. Yan / Xu Huang / Da Li / Mr. Yu / Niu Hao / Shu Pan / Tan Jian Kun / Liu Jing Wei / Gu Cheng Jun / Wu Sheng Di / Gong De Pei / Guang Fang Yun / Zhang Hong Feng / Huan Jia Liang / Yu Shen Jiang / Mr. Zhang / Luo Men Men / You Fan

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