Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival (BIEFF) 2012
We enjoy your love for total creative freedom & lack of compromise cinema!

- IDFA Paradocs special program -

I WILL FORGET THIS DAY (25', Russia, 2011, dir: Alina Rudnitskaya)

Highly acclaimed in the international film festivals circuit, ALINA RUDNITSKAYA's short I WILL FORGET THIS DAY is both a documentary and a cinematic essay concerning the state of mind of women who are about to have an abortion. A bold and incisive study on how difficult human decisions are made in the light of harsh social realities. The non-interfering "behavior" of the camera paradoxically enhances the deeply humanist approach, the distance and the silence allowing us an even deeper emotional access to the protagonists' inner turmoil. No judgment is cast, no verdict stated, we are left solely to furtively observe the women's behavior, their posture and their gaze, which enwrap maybe the desire to already forget the galloping future.


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