Helmut Newton had worked for nearly a year in the Studio of German Photographer Ywa between 1937 and 1938. She was a glamouros Fashion and Portrait Photographor, who got deported and murdered by the Nazis in 1942. Hotel Bogota in Berlin-Schlüterstrasse was a Residency for the rich in Charlottenburg those days. Yva alias Else Ernestine Neuländer-Simon had her Studio there. She was like Helmut Newton alias Helmut Neustädter German Jewish. Newton was able to flee 1938, when Yva was banned from being a Photographer and closed down her Studio. She was arrested with her husband Alfred Simon, when there were preparing for leaving Germany in 1942.

Newton had been only 17, when he worked at the Studio in Schlüterstrasse. The positioning of he models, the usage of lightning he learned there. Yva was a very talented Portrait Photographer as well. Incredible, that Newton was blamed by German Feminists to be a Sexist and even a Fashist for some time.

The Video shows Newtons Photographs "Coco Chanel and dog Mart"a, "Love in the Office" and "Andy Wharhol". At the Hotel Bogota in Berlin Schlüterstrasse the Studio of Yva is dedicated to her memory. Allthough most of the Photographs are lost there is a portrait of her, a shot of Yva working and three of her Fashion Photographs. A symbolic stone is implemented in the pavement in front of her house in Schlüterstrasse. Passing by you are stumbling over at and many people start reading. Helmut Newtons famous Photograph "Selfportrait with model and June" shows the artist working. Portraits of Judy Foster, Isabella Rossilini and David Lynd and of Linda Evangelista mark an important opart of the History of Fashion and Art Photography.

Helmut Newton died in 2004 and was buried in Berlin, the Helmut Newton Foundaion is running a museum close to Bahnhof Zoo. A must to see.

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