Sermon Series: The Habits of a Healthy Church
Sermon Title: The habit of godliness
Sermon Text: Titus 2:1-15
Big Idea: Let grace guide you to godliness in whatever you do and for all to see

Okay, this week we come to Habit #4 in the book of Titus. If you have your Bibles with you please turn to Titus chapter 2. Today we’re going to learn the 4th Habit of a healthy church: The Habit of Godliness. Paul states this habit directly in the middle of verse 12. Let’s look there first.

Make godliness your habit for all to see.
This is the Primary desire in Paul’s mind and what he wants Titus to teach his folks. Keep in mind the moral and ethical standards on the Island of Crete had deteriorated to a notoriously low level in the ancient world. Calling some one a “Cretin” became a derogatory term that still exists to this day.

Paul encourages Christians to show the world that Jesus can make a difference not just in your eternal life, but your life now. The power Jesus brings to your life isn’t just to save you in eternity…it’s also to save you and transform your life now. Paul’s urging us to allow our knowledge of the gospel to guide us to godliness for three great reasons:

It’s good for you (salvation and purity)
It’s good for your relationships within the church (modeling and mentoring)
It’s good for community relations. (The reputation of Christ and church not maligned)

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