What Kind of Freedom?
Winter's holding spring
The darkest forces have done no good
I've tucked away your wedding ring
Our stripes are fading from the loom
The neighbors are flooding in
Forming into power lines
Bubbling in ballot sheets
I hope that love will win this time

It's a closed room with a closed door
It's a dark game, with the wrong score
We file in line, we fight your wars
But what kind of freedom have we been fighting for?

With the body comes the foot,
with old trees come old roots
We're marching for the common good,
but your false laws we'll not salute


Baby come close to me,
I'll wear your arm, I'll your ring
Their machines can't clip our strings
We're not equal under the eagles wing


~Ten Cent Poetry ©2012
Written in Asheville, NC
May 9, 2012 after voting Against Amendment One
May we honor those who have fought for us
by honoring equality for all.

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