The Gilchrist Family at Christmas, 1980.

Starts with Nana Maureen dancing with a 15-month-old Antonia, then an extreme close up of Ollie (4) and a shot of everyone at the table. L-R Damian, Nichola, Nana, Granddad Joe, and Jacinta joins.

Cracker pulling, Nichola vs Granddad / Ollie, Damian vs Jacinta, and Nana vs Marie.

Jacinta plays with one of the toys from the crackers, and Geoff shows how cool it it combined with an afro.

Jacinta juggles 3 oranges, Nichola juggles 2.

Granddad and his bees. Marie plays lawn tennis.

Geoff filmed the beekeeper from inside a closed car, but the bees went nuts, got inside Granddad's suit and even found a way into the car. Joe was less than impressed.

From a series of films I've re-captured, using the original projector we used as kids for family movie nights and my Canon 5D3 to digitize and make available for our whole family a number of films my Father captured of our childhood.

Dad tells me that in the early 80's it cost $20 to buy the Super-8 film, and $50 to process it. (New Zealand Dollars) At the same time Dad's wages for a week were about $150, milk was 50¢ for 2 litres (half a gallon), and petrol was still high after the oil crisis of the 70's at 59¢/litre, so shooting and processing film was a major expense for a young family.

This series is dedicated as a Thank You to my Dad, Geoff, for all the memories he captured of our youth, in both film and photographs. I hope I am doing the same for my kids! Love ya, Dad!

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