The Final Quest
Running time: 5 hour 10 minutes
Author: Rick Joyner
Compression and picture: CAS 7440-57-5

Be sure to also watch this video about connecting with God in your prayer :

Hey Friend!. Hopefully this recording can help us understand more about God, ourselves, and life.
The Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit will reveal & keep everything that is true & guide all who walk in his light.
As Good God says.. a man does not live only from bread, but also from each word that comes from God. Its the bread and wine to our Souls...with keeping our souls alive and and healthy we also feel better and not empty.
Our soul is part of our Father God, and it is always seeking its creators love and longing to unite once again, the inner peace and love and happiness and joy...all those can be fullfilled in us in each situation where we choose his will rather than our own selfish ways... We have already seen how it brings us joy when we serve others, but also true is that we need to love and take good care of ourself before we can give it to the once again...the balance..when that is ok, i think then life is at it best.
Strenght to us all...Life is never ment to be an easy task, but we can take it!...and That! is where deeper understanding of the Whole picture makes our lives easier, so tha the sin and the evil will not raise its head in us... Its our choices..with and thru these choices we make, steps we take, actions we do and words we say we all write our own book of our lives....that is the book will once be opened, which we ourselves and nobody else have been writing. Lets try to write it good! and Let everything else in Gods hands!.
Have a wonderful days, and Enjoy Life, its a gift!..our soul is DIVINE! & ETERNAL!

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