Show Notes With Links:
Show Notes:
When IT Fails, The Book, The Real Gene Kim
Episode 99
Your Hosts: Chris Dancy, Matthew Hooper and Matt Beran (twitter #ITSMWP)
Guest: Gene Kim
1. Whitepaper, 'The Top 11 Things You Need To Know About DevOps'
2. Gene's new books When IT Fails: A Business Novel and The DevOps Cookbook
3. DevOps is IT's best shot at relevance
4. Commercialisation - not an inherently bad thing
5. Calculated that if waste was halved, 3 trillion dollars of business value could be created each year
6. Does IT have a self-esteem problem?
7. IT should be recognised as the nervous system but also the majority of the muscle mass in a business
8. Gene's first book - Visible Ops
9. South by South West Conference - JUST GO!
10. Velocity Conference
11. Quantified Self Conference - out of this world
12. Gene's website The Mission: to positively influence the lives of a million IT workers in the next five years
13. Lightbulb moment - EMPATHY!
14. In 10 years every Chief Operating Officer will be a tech person
15. Why a novel? Storytelling is the most powerful mode of communication

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