November 3rd at 8pm
High Concept Labs (1401 W. Wabansia Chicago IL, 60642)
FREE event but you must RSVP here:

Sound Room is a collaboration between Chicago based composers/sound artists Kyle Vegter, Ryan Ingebritsen, and Daniel R. Dehaan. Using custom built software and a complex, multi-channel speaker system they have created a unique and intuitive three dimensional sound spatialization system, specifically tuned to the acoustic nuances of the High Concept Laboratories space.

The trio of composers has been working intensively since mid september installing cables and speakers and developing the software necessary to drive the system in various ways. They have worked with local musicians in guided improvisations in which the performers sound is distributed and affected in different ways throughout the space as well as creating new composed work specifically for distribution in the space.

This evening’s performance will be a continuous and ambulatory evening of sound in which you are encouraged to wander around the sound room listening to works from various perspectives with musicians performing on all levels and sound coming from all speakers. It is recommended that you try to stay at least 4 feet from the walls for an optimal listening experience but feel free to move throughout the “sound room” at HCL, both upstairs and downstairs.

Improvisation #1: Ryan Ingebritsen, Optical Theremin and Sound Room (ca 10’)

Mike Gililan- Tonar (6.5')

Improvisation #2: James Falzone, Clarinet; Jenna Lyle, Vocals; Glen Rische, Acoustic Guitar; Ryan Ingebritsen Sound Room (ca 15')

Kyle Vegter- And In The Ends of the Room (12')

Claire Tolan- Selections from Is It Pretty Out There? (6')

Improvisation #3: James Falzone, Clarinet, Ryan Ingebristen Sound Room (ca 10')

Daniel R. Dehaan- Speaker Symphony No. 1 (40')

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