This clip is from John Bolenbaughs many Videos. An ex-Enbridge employee - he was fired for not wanting to cover up Tar Oil that Set the sub-contractor wanted to leave behind.

Enbridge gave the orders to hide the Oil under streams, parks and in the woods. Bolenbaugh's video's show the 3 main ways that Enbridge instructs it's employees to hide spills.

This is not new, as the pipeline company has had over 600 leaks and spills at the time of this posting.
What is different in Kalamazoo, was the size of the spill, and the fact that it flowed into the River as well as many creeks and bog areas, ending up in Lake Michigan.

Some of the residents that became ill, suffered neurological disorders for the first time in their lives, simply from being forced to inhale the fumes.

The spill was not addressed immediately, largely because the local Fire department and similar emergency service people did not know where the pipeline was.

The citizens were not warned. The leak was not reported to them. Enbridge engaged in many dangerous practices that it lied about, Many people involved with the company took to the Main stream airways and lied point blank.

It was only John Bolenbaugh, and independent journalists that told the true story.

I thank him for his work under very stressful situations.
M. Hughes

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