The Pentagon Papers was a closely held attempt to chronicle the decisions that had led to United States involvement with a 30-year war in Southeast Asia. This video, one of four, presents excerpts from the recently declassified document with historical images to tell the story of this involvement.

Pentagon Papers - Part One begins with the conclusion of World War II in 1945 and ends with the outcomes of the Geneva Conference of 1954.

The United States gradually moves from a position of supporting a Nationalist force known as the Viet Minh in its struggle for independence against Japanese military occupation to a position of acquiescing to France in its effort to reclaim a colonial possession. France was unable to succeed in this effort, but in the climate of the late 1940s it rebranded its colonialism as a struggle to resist Communist expansion. The United States, in it attempt to block Soviet and Chinese success globally, began providing the vast majority of military aid to the French. It failed as a policy, as France's hold on its former colony collapsed with the spectacular defeat of its forces in a mountain fortress known a Dien Bien Phu. Soon after, the world's major forces gathered in Geneva to resolve an array of conflicts, including the various struggles in Southeast Asia. The result, a temporary division of Vietnam into two zones, set the stage for decades of warfare.

Cast features in order of appearance Amanda Martindale, Jeffrey Ashkin, Caroline Do, Brian Sounalath, Serena Dolinsky, David Kirkpatrick, Stephen Juhl, and Mark Jacobson.

The work was adapted and directed by J-Powers and produced by PowerPlayz.

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