Sweet and simple, It's been around 5 months since I've last logged into this account. We don't check up on this video, it's too old to acknowledge anymore, and I don't understand why people continue to bring attention to it. We don't read your comments, we could care less about your messages, and we definitely don't care about whether or not you approve of this video. I'm sure you have better things to do with your time, so move on with your life, and stop obsessing over a Youtube wideo that's now almost two years old.


In no way, shape, or form did we mean for this amateur video to become so "well known" (I refuse to use the term famous because we didn't really do anything to earn this title). Yes, some of you love us, some of you like us, some of you tolerate us, and some of you down right despise us. Regardless of your consistent, repetitive lines and pathetic excuses for insults being sprawled across our comment screen, we have one simple message for you. Keep in mind that no words said in our video give any inclination of hatred toward your beloved Internet Goddess. No one, and I use GREAT emphasis on that, would in their right mind take precious time out of their day to make a one minute and nineteen second long video about a person without having at least one ounce of respect for the subject matter. In simple terms for those who are on the slow side and who cannot seem to grasp this idea: WE DO NOT HATE THE MAN. Yes, it is true, he is gay. It does not take a profound scholar to recognize this truth. If any of you JStar worshipers claim to be half of what you say you are, you would know that he refers to himself as "Queen of the Fags", etc, etc. Why not "get into character" and write it all over my forehead for the world to see? Perfectly fine, we are not accusing anyone of being anything they're not. It is a controversial word to some, but hey- If you don't like what you see, look the other way. This shouldn't arouse the question of whether we're homophobic or not, because that's certainly not the case. Do not judge us, and we certainly won't judge you back.

On a lighter note, for those who enjoy seeing us make fools of ourselves; great big hugs to you for appreciating some humor. And for the other half of the Youtube population, I'm deeply sorry you cannot laugh along with the rest of us. But hey, look at the bright side: no need getting your hopes up for another video !

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