Every wedding shoot is an opportunity to love and encourage the bride and groom on one of the biggest days of their life and I believe it is a blessing and privilege to do this. Additionally, getting to see the behind the scenes of these events and meeting the amazing staff that put on each wedding at the Hyatt Huntington Beach is a really unique opportunity. We were honored to meet people from almost every section of the Resort, and they made the whole weekend of shooting a blast. It was inspiring to see the attention to detail and genuine care that each staff member showed towards the wedding party and our shooting crew.

Special thanks to my awesome partner Ian Pratt (@ipratt) for making every shoot way more fun, relaxed, and enjoyable. It's always a treat to feel inspired, pushed, and encouraged to work hard, love people better, and enjoy what we do --- and that is exactly what Ian does when we shoot together.

Also, thanks to Cathy, Kelly, Tracy, Nancy and all the other Hyatt staff for the help in making this film happen.

Song: "Take Me Away" --- Artist: The Dimes
Music licensed through With Etiquette (Toronto, CA) and Marmoset Music (Portland, OR)

Behind the scenes commentary:

Typically wedding shoots happen within the space of one day, but when it comes to making a film for a client like Hyatt Resorts, one day of shooting would barely touch the surface of all things awesome that tell the story of the resort and the couple getting married. We flew on the day of the rehearsal, had breakfast pulled the cameras out to get a few shots of them rehearsing, then straight to the grooms party walking in and the brides party going to the salon for mani's and pedi's. Then we rushed to get the kitchen prep and the grooms party hanging out at the pool, finishing the day with a time-lapse setup from the presidential suite. The nice part was getting to actually enjoy the resort amidst the shooting, but more specifically during the down-time. On the wedding day, we woke-up to shoot the ceremony prep, the reception preparations, the bridal prep, the groom and bride prep, along with more hotel b-roll and setup, and finally the ceremony and reception, squeezing in sunset shots before it got dark. All the hustle and bustle was worth it looking back, we couldn't have told the full story if we shot any less footage.

Continuing with the Hyatt Resort collection, we were able to produce this film for the Hyatt in Huntington Beach.

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