We now spend almost 90% of our time indoors, where we are exposed to unnatural sounds and sound reflections. In order to improve the indoor sound environment in classrooms, we should strive as mush as possible to resemble the natural outdoor sound environment.
Many school children spend their day in an environment that is too noisy to allow them to perform at their best. This may lead to both poorer learing and lower grades.
Creating the best possible conditions for students and teachers requires an understanding of how sound affects people and how to design the room acoustically. Ecophon has, over many years, developed competence and solutions that contribute to:
− reduced stress
− increased concentration and memory
− improved speech clarity and learning
− speaking and listening comfort
− better interactions and attitudes by students
We modeled a usual classroom with all the furniture, books and stuff and placed pupils into that enviroment. Then we modeled the sounds and showed the difference between the sounds in a natural environment and in a closed room. The film demonstrates that Ecophon wall panels and acoustic ceilings make classroom environment the most similar to natural, the one we are used to.

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